Master, a pioneer in men’s skincare, provides a diverse array of facial care products. The brand aims to establish itself as a reliable and integral part of men’s personal care routines. The central focus is to communicate to consumers that incorporating the Master All-In-One Clay Facial Wash is the simplest initial step towards enhancing their confidence.

Our Role

RedTorch took charge of the public relations strategy, focusing on coordinating the content release by influencers and content partners to ensure a smooth and compelling narrative. The campaign prominently featured Team Payaman vloggers Junnie Boy and Carding.

Additionally, RedTorch engaged influencers to post on Instagram to amplify Junnie and Carding’s vlog. Following the release of the vlog, 20 micro-influencers from various passion points executed a series of social media executions on Instagram and TikTok. Each influencer made certain that the content they communicated for the campaign reflected their personalities as content creators. To further generate buzz, we distributed Kit ng Mga Gwapo packages to 20 non-paid influencers.

Key Executions:

Influencer Engagement: Orchestrating collaborations with influencers at different tiers to diversify reach and impact.

Partnerships: Strategically partnering with influencers and content creators to ensure authentic and relatable content.

Creative Seeding: Distributing product packages to influencers and non-paid individuals to organically integrate Master into the conversation.


3.87% Healthy Engagement Rate (ER) on Social: Demonstrating a positive response and active interaction with the campaign across social media platforms.

2.58 Million Reach: Indicating the extensive dissemination of Master-related content to a broad audience.

PHP 8.86 Million PR Value: Reflecting the calculated value of the campaign in Philippine Pesos.

Master received favorable feedback from viewers on Instagram and TikTok, with comments expressing brand love and relatability. Consumers not only praised the product but also sought information on where to purchase Master, showcasing the effectiveness of capturing the target market’s interest. The feedback also revealed an opportunity to enhance brand awareness and address any concerns regarding age appropriateness.

This campaign successfully positioned Master as an integral part of men’s grooming routines, fostering positive engagement and interest within the target audience.