Chatime, the milk tea brand that has captured the hearts of Filipinos, marked the opening of its 100th store in Abreeza Mall, Davao City by shaking things up with a fun celebration.

Last July 6 and 7 at the SM Aura Atrium, colorful immersive installations provided a fun experience to the guests and consumers who enjoyed refreshing drinks from the Chatime Tea Tap and Innovation Bar. This industry first is now available in selected stores in Makati, BGC, and premiere malls, and is aiming to shake up Filipinos’ milk tea experience.

The Tea Tap and Innovation bar brings the social gathering aspect that is typically associated with beer and bars to the milk tea experience. It incorporates a more fun and unique experience, with the tea kegs placed under the counter, making the tap around eye level. It allows milk tea fans to experience the tea making process, without obstructing the view of the store. The tap system includes a beverage cooler that ensures that the tea and milk tea are fresh and cold the entire time. 

As expected, everyone looked forward to having a sip of their favorite Chatime drinks during the event, which featured exciting event-exclusive flavors that will definitely be a big hit to look forward to. These include Cheese Swirl Taro Milk Tea; Cheese Swirl Dragonfruit Smoothie; Cookie Cheese Swirl Milk Tea; Thai Milk Tea with Purple Sticky Rice; Lychee Green Tea with Grapefruit Pulp; Peach Green Tea with Orange Pulp; Sparkling Grapefruit with Agar Jelly; and Lemon Sunset Tea with Agar jelly.

Sweet and creamy, Chatime has transformed milk tea into a Filipino staple. Despite all the new entrants in an increasingly crowded milk tea market, Chatime has found a way to continue shaking things up to stay on top of its game. 

To illustrate, Chatime Philippines was the first to introduce the now popular Brown Sugar drink. Instead of overloading the brown sugar syrup to achieve that signature marble pattern around the cup, Chatime focused on flavor. They worked on the taste first and only when they were satisfied with it, they worked around to achieve that marble pattern. This resulted in a brown sugar drink that isn’t too sweet and hits the spot just right. 

Chatime first shook up the Philippine market in 2011, a time when the milk tea craze was starting to grow. A milk tea brand hailing from Taiwan, Chatime quickly established itself as the go-to for high quality and authentic milk tea, not only in the USA but also in Australia, London, Malaysia, China, and Canada.

From the beginning, Chatime Philippines has been committed to providing high-quality drinks, ensuring freshness and flavor with every sip. It also prides itself on its innovation and bringing the fun in your milk tea experience. 

“For us, innovation is an endless pursuit as we work to craft the ultimate freshly brewed tea drinks,” says Christopher Cua, Marketing & Finance Director. “We are not only committed to creating high-quality drinks that satisfy your milk tea cravings but with excellent customer service, we give our customers a fun flavored experience.”

Indeed, Chatime Philippines has come a long way, nurturing our love for milk tea and shaking up the beverage scene

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