The characters of The Real Housewives franchise – a reality series featuring a group of wealthy and glamorous housewives – might seem intimidating at first. But peeking into their lives and removing all the glitz & glam you will see that this reality series offers many instances and situations that most of us can completely relate to and it’s totally addicting even!


Here are some reasons why The Real Housewives are so relatable:


  • Complex relationships – The Real Housewives is full of complicated relationships that happen all too often in real life and you’ve probably experienced yourself. Either among your friends or larger circle, from exes to frenemies or the ride or die people in your life, you’ll find lots of similarities with the characters and how they crazily deal with each other.


  • Family matters – Who doesn’t have family issues? If you think your family dramas are so unique, you’ll be amazed that even in the glitziest settings, family issues are a constant concern. The Real Housewives will bring out a whole ‘nother level of mixed emotions that you’ve probably felt about your own family.


  • The search for love – For many, true love is an elusive goal. Although living a glamorous life doesn’t mean it is any easier for the characters in the Real Housewives on their quest to find love—a search that you’ve probably seen too often, complete with the dramas they bring about, in real life.


  •   Power and money struggles – With all their fame and fortune, the characters of The Real Housewives find themselves in constant competition. The struggle for power, money, and even affection is a constant theme you’ll see in the series playing out all too often in real life.


  • Friendship – At the heart of it, The Real Housewives is a story about friendship. The camaraderie, laughter, and fun that the women share amidst all the drama of their lives is something that you can definitely relate to. You’ll probably find that each character corresponds to someone in your own inner circle and there’s most definitely one personality you would resonate with as well.

For those who can’t get enough of The Real Housewives, hayu brings a new addition to the series: The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City which debuts on November 12. The series delves into the undiscovered world of Salt Lake City, within an exclusive social circle of six successful women who’ve created their own paradise filled with luxury homes, shopping sprees and multi-million-dollar businesses. It follows the elite and unconventional lives of Lisa Barlow, Mary Cosby, Heather Gay, Meredith Marks, Whitney Rose and Jen Shah as they navigate a society fueled by religion, beauty, wealth and perfection. The upscale mountain community, with the overlay of Mormon culture, is the gorgeous locale where you can witness not just drama and petty fights, but also inspiring life lessons that we can all learn from and relate to. 


Let’s end the year right with the new season premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 13. Watch as Cynthia Bailey faces wedding planning in the time of COVID-10, while Kenya Moore juggles motherhood, a rocky romance and a new budding friendship with LaToya Ali. Kandi Buruss continues her restaurant empire and Porsha Williams steps into her family legacy lending her voice and efforts to the Black Lives Matter movement. This season, welcome actress and singer Drew Sidora as the newest housewife set to spice things up.


Though their realities may seem far-fetched, all of the equally addicting episodes in the series show us that each housewife has an interesting story to tell  that may remind us of a colleague, a loved one, or even ourselves. Stripped of all luxury and privilege, you’ll find that the characters of The Real Housewives are not too different from you and me. Don’t believe us? Check out The Real Housewives on hayu!


About hayu

From NBCUniversal, hayu is the first all-reality subscription video-on-demand service of its kind – available in 14 markets globally across: the UK, Ireland, Australia, the Nordics, Canada, Benelux union, The Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore on a full array of devices (mobile, tablet, laptop & connected TVs) at


Over 300 shows and more than 8,000 episodes which are downloadable to watch-on-the-go, including Keeping Up With the Kardashians and its spin-offs – along with The Real Housewives, Below Deck and Million Dollar Listing franchises. The majority of U.S. shows debut on the service the same day as their U.S. launch for only Php149/month with a free 1 month trial and also at Php49/week with a free 7-day trial. Alternatively, access unlimited shows with a hayu prepaid pass, with weekly, monthly and 3-month options available to purchase upfront. hayu is also available through Cignal to existing customers.


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