Unilogix collaborated with influencers to promote some well-known brands, including Floret, Bon Bakery, and the joint venture Pinkberry + Bon Bakery. The Valentine’s-themed Viva VDAY Magenta Campaign by Floret showcased elegant flower arrangements and special offers. Pinkberry + Bon Bakery celebrated their first collaboration store at Glorietta Activity Center, featuring influencers promoting the new Doughnettes and exclusive vouchers. Lastly, Bon Bakery, the flagship artisanal bakery, opened its standalone store in November 2023, with influencers enjoying the latest offerings and a relaxing hangout session in the mini lounge.

Our Role

RedTorch spearheaded the public relations efforts, primarily focusing on influencer engagement. This involved partnering with influencers and coordinating content creation to ensure a cohesive storyline. The agency also contributed to distributing these stories to selected media outlets, amplifying the overall buzz and excitement surrounding the brands.

Key Executions

Influencer Engagement: RedTorch effectively collaborated with influencers, enabling them to authentically showcase the brands and their offerings to their respective audiences.

Event Activations: RedTorch orchestrated impactful events, such as the launch of Floret’s Viva VDAY Magenta Campaign and the opening of Bon Bakery’s standalone store, creating memorable experiences for influencers and their followers.


The collaboration yielded impressive results, showcasing the effectiveness of RedTorch’s influencer marketing strategy and event activations:

198.98K total engagements: The collective interaction across various platforms reflected the audience’s interest and engagement with the influencer-led content.

317K total engagement rate: Demonstrates the success of the influencer-driven campaigns in capturing the audience’s attention and encouraging interaction.

82 organic pieces of content: Influencers generated authentic content, contributing to a diverse and engaging narrative around the brands.

₱3.66M PR values: The media coverage and influencer-driven content contributed significantly to the overall public relations value.

₱1.22M Ad values: The calculated advertising value reflects the impact and reach of influencer collaborations.

156.4K estimated reach: The campaigns successfully reached a broad audience, showcasing the effectiveness of the influencer marketing approach in expanding brand visibility.

RedTorch’s strategic approach to influencer marketing successfully elevated Unilogix’s visibility, engagement, and overall market presence. The agency’s adept management of influencer relationships and event activations contributed to a comprehensive and impactful campaign. The results underscore the efficacy of influencer collaborations in modern marketing strategies, showcasing the power of authentic storytelling and brand advocacy in a digitally connected world.