With brands all over the world becoming more and more aware of the impact they place on the environment, every company is making strides to do their part and enact change. These words couldn’t be more true for Mega Global Corporation. As the country’s leading manufacturer and distributor of canned goods, as well as the company behind Number 1 Sardines Brand Mega Sardines, Mega Global is fully aware of the role they play, not only in the environment but in the lives of Filipinos. 

As a company committed to improving the lives of Filipino families and communities, and help in nation-building, Mega Global Corporation empowers employees, supports the fishing community and educates Filipinos on proper nutrition with programs such as Mega Sustansya Everyday a feeding program launched last year in partnership with the Nutrition Center of the Philippines that aims to educate moms on proper nutrition and of their children. They are also actively working to make the company more sustainable by strictly adhering to sustainable fishing practices. Since their products come from natural resources, Mega Global believes that it is only right to help protect and preserve the ocean. 

For the past 7 years, the local government has been announcing a fishing ban that runs for 3 months in a year to allow for the replenishment of fish stock. The given period has been marked as the spawning season of these fishes and was enacted in an effort to protect the existing marine species at the Visayan Sea. Aside from their strict compliance to the ban, the company only uses regulation-size nets and does not engage nor condone irresponsible and destructive practices. They have also invested in new technologies that are effectively more environment-friendly than the typical industry practice. 

Another sustainability effort of Mega Global is their Zero-Waste manufacturing capability that uses the waste from fishes to turn them into fish meal that is sold into the export market. Through the responsible management of resources, this allows the replenishment of fish in the ocean, which comprises 80% of their business. They also do not fish in municipal waters that are meant for local fishermen. This is to ensure that they do not negatively impact their livelihood. 

“Here in Mega Global, aside from producing quality products, we stay true to our commitment in providing the best for the community. We want to go beyond what is expected of us, to empower our constituents, and support the communities in which we operate in.” Says Marvin Tiu Lim, VP for Sales and Marketing. 

For Mega Global Corporation, responsible management of resources plays a big role in the company’s key to success. Since the company largely depends on fishing, the proper conservation also allows them to continue growing the business. The Zero-Waste Management within the plant and office premises not only helps the business but also impacts other communities where Mega Global belongs to.

Even after many years of compliance to the fishing ban and innovation to their practices, Mega Global is still only getting started. Their sustainability efforts have already made a crucial impact in the lives of the communities they serve and the environment they operate in. 

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