Tuseran assembled a team of influencers to garner interest and create online content promoting the brand to increase public awareness about the impartance of getting vaccinated and its effectiveness

Boosting brand awareness to promote advocacy for Tuseran


Tuseran, a trusted medicine brand used for the relief of cough, and clogged nose, among others, released a campaign entitled ‘Di Papatalo sa Sakit’ to promote COVID-19 accination and boost awareness about Tuseran Forte as a medication for coughs and colds.

RedTorch was in charge of boosting brand content posts of the campaign’s key endorsers and influencers, like Dimples Romana, Gretchen Ho, Haidee Quing, Lyqa Maravilla, and Show Sukuki on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

The team was able to generate 9,303,933 total paid reach with a 1.43% engagement rate. This has helped Tuseran reach more audiences to boost its brand and raise awareness of vaccination.

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