Amid uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, living healthy everyday has become a necessity. Taking a proactive approach to one’s good health is essential to achieving good health – whether physical, mental, or emotional. 


Through its extensive range of vitamins and supplements, this is exactly what Puritan’s Pride, one of the leading health supplement brands in the US, brings to Filipinos. Since coming to the Philippines in 2015, Puritan’s Pride has quickly established a solid following in the country with its wide range of vitamins and health supplements to meet various health needs.


As people navigate the new normal, Puritan’s Pride is promoting its #HealthIsEveryday campaign with Camille Prats as official ambassador.


Camille, who  values good health by prioritizing her fitness routine, shares Puritan’s Pride vision, as she inspires others to achieve a better and healthier lifestyle. 


A working mom of three, Camille religiously takes her supplements daily. Her daily routine includes Puritan’s Pride’s Hydrolyzed Collagen, which has helped keep her skin, hair, and nails healthy and has aided in alleviating signs of aging. To ensure that she has adequate rest, she takes Melatonin, which supports restful sleep and helps regulate moods. She also takes immune health boosters such as Puritan’s Pride’s Vitamin C with Citrus Bioflavonoids and Rose Hips, which provides antioxidant support and prevents aging; Vitamin D3, a more potent and bioavailable form of vitamin which supports bone health; and Zinc Gluconate, which assists in the proper functioning of insulin and promotes healthy skin, vision, and smell.


Camille takes these necessary steps to ensure that she is always ready and prepared to take on daily tasks and protect her family from diseases, which Puritan’s Pride also advocates for. The #HealthIsEveryday campaign encourages holistic wellness practices that combine a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and of course, ensuring that we meet our daily vitamin requirements with the help of their wide range of supplements.  Through its affordable line of high-quality health supplements, Puritan’s Pride makes healthy living a reality for thousands of Filipinos. In fact, A Healthy Life for Every Juan is the guiding vision of Alphacommerce Corporation, which introduced Puritan’s Pride to the Philippines in 2015 and continues to democratize access to good health and wellness among Filipinos.


“Staying healthy is a form of self-love, and is also an act of love and concern for others. I choose to stay well and healthy for my family, so that we can all get through these tough times, and so that we can enjoy what life has to offer,” she said.


Staying well and healthy is a must to get through these trying times. “Through the #HealthIsEveryday campaign, we want to encourage more Filipinos to start living healthier lives, and we want them to know that Puritan’s Pride can be someone they can depend on to support their various health needs,” Jedrick Gatpayat, General Manager of Puritan’s Pride Philippines.


Puritan’s Pride is available nationwide in select Watsons stores, and online at Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, BeautyMNL and Watsons Online.

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