Our Services

Corporate Communications

For RedTorch, Corporate Communications is beyond communicating your corporate image to your stakeholders. It’s about telling stories about your company’s inititatives that can boost your credibility and reputation.

– Digital Public Relations
– Media Relations
– Media Training
– Crisis Communication
– Editorial Services
– Digital Thought Leadership

Brand Communications

With the team’s burning passion for storytelling, RedTorch is equipped with value adding tactics to generate brand and campaign awareness to your target market.

– Digital Public Relations
– Events
– Influencer Marketing
– Creative Seeding

Influencer Marketing

RedTorch harnesses valuable relationships with their roster of social media influencers and execute strategic communication campaigns to boost your brand’s reach to your target niches.

Digital Marketing

Maximize your potential reach, engagements, and conversions with your target audience through ablazing social media content, performance marketing executions, and valuable social media analytics and insighting.

– Social Media Management
– Creatives
– Online Community Management
– Boosting and Performance Marketing
– Social Listening

Creative Seeding

RedTorch empowers your brand by bringing your products creatively to social media influencers, who are then open to share their positive experiences to their audiences.

We bring digital and creative marketing to a whole new level.

From corporate communications to brand awarenes, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today!