In the festive spirit, Ortigas Malls embraced the magic of Christmas Candyland last year, bringing to life the creation of the Sweet Illusion Chambers at Estancia. These immersive rooms with captivating light display installations brought to mind the candies and desserts that everybody craves, especially during the holiday season. These Instagram-worthy and interactive rooms were open for public viewing during mall hours.

Our Role

To enhance the brand experience and draw more visitors, Ortigas Malls enlisted the help of RedTorch to engage with media and influencers. RedTorch’s main goal was to boost foot traffic and enhance the overall brand experience for Ortigas Mall shoppers. The agency was crucial in orchestrating a multifaceted approach to maximize visibility and create excitement around Estancia’s Sweet Illusion Chambers.

Key Executions

  1. Unveiling Event for Media – The agency organized an exclusive event introducing the Sweet Illusion Chambers to the media.
  2. Influencer Collaboration – Utilizing social media’s power, the agency partnered with influencers to broaden the reach and impact of Estancia’s Sweet Illusion Chambers.
  3. Distributed Press Information – A well-crafted press release was sent to relevant media outlets, providing comprehensive details about the Sweet Illusion Chambers, its distinctive features, and the overarching Christmas Candyland theme. This helped secure coverage across various platforms and build anticipation among the target audience.
  4. Exclusive Interviews – The agency facilitated exclusive interviews with key individuals involved in bringing the Sweet Illusion Chambers to life.
Sweet Illusion Chambers


The agency’s strategic efforts produced impressive results, showcasing the success of the Sweet Illusion Chambers campaign. The campaign led to a notable increase of over 7% in mall sales compared to the same period the previous year, demonstrating the tangible impact of the Sweet Illusion Chambers on consumer spending during the holiday season.

The media launch and influencer collaboration generated significant coverage, with 29 media features across various platforms. This widespread media coverage further amplified the visibility of the Sweet Illusion Chambers.

The calculated PR value of PHP 29 million underscored the campaign’s reach and impact. This metric reflects the estimated value of the media coverage generated, emphasizing the cost-effectiveness of the campaign in terms of traditional advertising equivalent.

Estancia’s Sweet Illusion Chambers, with the agency’s strategic initiatives, not only brought the Christmas Candyland theme to life but also translated into tangible business success. The campaign’s ability to drive increased foot traffic, boost mall sales, and generate substantial media coverage highlights the importance of creative and targeted engagement in enhancing the overall brand experience during the holiday season.