This coming 20 July, Gavel&Block, a subsidiary brand of Salcedo Auctions that features both established artists and emerging talent in a wider spectrum of mediums proudly mounts a benefit auction in partnership with the IWantToShare Foundation, an admirable organization devoted to supporting and servicing the marginalized and suffering in our community. The benefit auction is a special annual event established by Salcedo Auctions in 2017 to raise funds and bring awareness to chosen organizations that make a strong civic impact on Philippine society. 

Since 2016, the IWantToShare Foundation has worked with the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Department of Philippine General Hospital (PGH) to fund the medical needs of children with cancer, to whom the efforts of this special auction are dedicated. “This auction hopes to provide the means to raise both funds and awareness for a most worthy cause, and also to remind collectors of the transformative and life changing powers of the arts,” shares Richie Lerma, director of Salcedo Auctions.

A special preview event for the auction pieces will be held on July 13 at the new flagship headquarters of Salcedo Auctions at NEX Tower, 6786 Ayala Avenue. Guests will be given the chance to see the pieces on offer as well as to interact with the child beneficiaries of PGH through a specially formatted art therapy session and program. 

Sheila Bermudez- Romero, president of the charitable organization, shares a common goal with her closest friends and co-founders—women with a desire to give back through their own professional and social capacities—in looking for a platform to assist in the plight of the less fortunate and those who are suffering. “We believe that to those who are given much, much is also expected. As we share the same values of determination, perseverance in achieving a goal, passion to help and of finding joy in service, we have become a channel of blessings and what we get back is truly priceless,” says Romero.

Starting July 14 until the auction on Saturday, July 20 at 2pm, works from both contemporary and Philippine masters, as well as fine jewelry and watches will be on display. These include pieces by acclaimed artists Fernando Zobel, BenCab, Arturo Luz, Juvenal Sanso, Vicente Manansala, Eduardo Castrillo, Cesar Legaspi and contemporary works from Winner Jumalon, Jigger Cruz, Daniel dela Cruz, Ramon Orlina, Justin Nuyda and Emmanuel Garibay to name a few.

This year’s benefit hopes to bring awareness to IWantToShare’s enduring efforts through the healing, comforting, and positive effects of art. Many have come to appreciate the art for its aesthetic qualities, but it is also significant in the way it uplifts the spirit and evokes a feeling of hope and joy. “This gathering of art patrons and local artists is a testament that even a small but positive movement creates ripples of change,” explains Romero. “(This is) a dream to make a positive difference in the lives of others, especially those who are marginalized— to alleviate them of their worries and sufferings; to make them feel loved; and to see joy on their faces and in their lives.”

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