Unilab, a stalwart in the healthcare industry, has consistently supported millions of families during their most challenging times. The Alagang Unilab campaign emerged with a distinctive activation, encouraging influencers to share their #WorstSickDay experiences, culminating with the empowering message #AlagangUnilab.

Our Role:

The agency played a pivotal role in orchestrating the campaign, focusing on influencer management. A diverse mix of macro and micro-influencers was strategically onboarded across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to share how Unilab was there to take care of them during their #WorstSickDay. Each influencer shared personal stories, aligning them with their unique content creation styles. To strengthen the message of #AlagangUnilab, the agency also facilitated the publication of an advertorial on reputable online media outlets such as Philstar.com, Inquirer.net, and Manila Bulletin Online.

Key Executions:

Influencer Engagement: The heart of the campaign lies in influencers sharing their authentic #WorstSickDay experiences, demonstrating how Unilab products provided care during challenging times. The influencers maintained the individuality of their content, ensuring resonance with their audience.

Advertorial: The campaign’s reach was further extended through advertorials strategically placed in prominent online media outlets. This aimed to solidify the #AlagangUnilab message and reach a wider audience beyond social media.

The Outcome:

The Alagang Unilab campaign yielded impressive results, underscoring its success:

2.66% Healthy ER on Social: The campaign achieved a notable engagement rate, reflecting the effectiveness of influencer-driven content in the health and wellness space.

8.64 Million Reach: The campaign’s message reached a broad audience, creating substantial awareness and fostering conversations about Unilab’s commitment to well-being.

23.66 Million PR Value: The strategic placement of the advertorial in reputable online media outlets contributed significantly to the campaign’s public relations value, enhancing Unilab’s brand image.

The campaign resonated positively with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) followers, increasing brand loyalty. Commenters acknowledged Unilab products, showcasing a strong connection between the campaign and the audience. Trust in the brand was evident, with users expressing confidence in the effectiveness and reliability of Unilab products.

The Alagang Unilab campaign is a testament to the power of influencer marketing and strategic media placements in reinforcing a brand’s commitment to well-being, leaving a lasting impact on influencers and consumers alike.