Green Cross, Inc., one of the largest producers of rubbing alcohol and bleach in the Philippines, has rolled out its “Together We Are Stronger” campaign in line with the fight against COVID-19. This month, Green Cross Inc., started carrying out its second round of donation drives by turning over 10,000 locally-made, medical-grade personal protective equipment to hospitals around the country in support of our medical frontliners.


Along with the Level 4 medical-grade PPE coveralls, Green Cross, Inc. is donating Frontliner Protection Packages including Green Cross rubbing alcohol and Zonrox bleach for the use of hospital staff and for medical facility disinfection.


The company sourced the PPEs through the Confederation of Wearable Exporters of the Philippines (CONWEP), the group tapped by the Department of Trade and Industry to produce medical-grade protective gear.


Through this partnership, together with the Board of Investments, Department of Health and Philippine General Hospital, CONWEP developed a prototype that has met the strict requirements of DOH and PGH’s Hospital Infection Control Unit (HICU). The prototype’s Level 4 grade is approved for use in high-risk COVID-19 situations, such as intubation, operating rooms, COVID-19 positive wards, and ICUs.


“By sourcing the PPEs from CONWEP members, we are sure that we are providing reliable protection to our medical frontliners. Moreso, we are also helping stimulate local industries amid the ongoing pandemic,” shares Michael Co, President, Green Cross, Inc.


“Medical frontliners continue to need the support of the community. When we protect our frontliners, we also protect ourselves. We believe that their victory against this disease is ours as well. As we face the COVID-19 pandemic together, we hope to provide them with protection, through our PPE donations and our products. For the National Capital Region, we selected COVID-19 referral hospitals with some of the lowest PPE coveralls inventory according to the Department of Health. For areas outside Metro Manila, we picked major hospitals in regions with the most number of positive cases,” shares Mr. Co. 


Among recipient hospitals are Tondo Medical Center, Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, Quirino Memorial Medical Center, Bulacan Medical Center, Rizal Provincial Hospital System, Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, Zamboanga City Medical Center, and Southern Philippines Medical Center.


Green Cross, Inc. urged the public not to let its guard down even as community quarantine restrictions have been eased and many regions in the country have transitioned to General Community Quarantine. “We believe the fight against COVID-19 is far from over, especially with the threat of a second wave happening. As an established company, we feel it is our duty to provide Filipinos with only the most reliable, highest-quality 

sanitation and hygiene products.  We also encourage everyone to do their part – remain vigilant through sanitizing, hand washing, disinfecting, and physical distancing, as we work toward adapting to this new normal,” he said.





About Green Cross Inc.

For nearly 70 years, Green Cross Inc. (GCI) has produced reliable, and affordable hygiene and sanitation products effective for protection against germs that cause disease. GCI is the producer of Green Cross rubbing alcohols, sanitizers, insect repellents, and germicidal soaps, as well as Zonrox Bleach products, Greenex All-Purpose Cleaner, Del Fabric Softener, Glide Ironing Aid, and Lewis & Pearl personal care products. Visit, and for more information on these products, and ideas how you can keep your family protected from germs and disease. 




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