Check out Mega Tuna’s latest video and see why it’s worth fighting for


And the inggit is not yet over! Mega Tuna launched another envy-drawing, mouthwatering online video that has everyone talking about it. Combining the macabre with Pinoy humor, the video has a surprising cast of characters who show what “talagang masarap, talagang nakakainggit” can make them do.


The video opens with a feisty woman enjoying the rich flavor of Mega’s large tuna flakes made with pure tuna and with no extenders. The tuna is so delicious that suddenly, an unexpected guest asks for a bite. The resulting catfight between these two over Mega Tuna captures just how tasty these tuna flakes can be, and how they can get everyone envious and desperate for a taste.


Seeing how people can actually bare their fangs when they’re enjoying their tuna and someone asks to share it, through this video, Mega Tuna wanted to get more consumers to try the product so that they could understand the intense envy that it can evoke.



You’ve seen both videos—aren’t you curious yet? Go ahead and challenge yourself to try Mega Tuna and see for yourself! Mega Tuna comes in exciting variants: Flakes in Oil, Hot and Spicy, Spanish Style, and Sweet and Spicy, which can be enjoyed straight out of the can, with garnishings, or as part of a favorite recipe


Wondering how the fight between the two Mega Tuna-crazy protagonists ended? Watch the full video through this link.



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