Check out Solenn’s newest film and find out how she fights to keep her hair shiny and fresh all day


In case you haven’t heard, a new action thriller has just been released, and it’s taking the internet by storm. The video stars glam girl Solenn Heussaff, who stuns everyone as she displays her martial arts prowess to tame her tresses, with the help of Vitress Hair Freshener.


The action kicks off in what looks like a typical neighborhood food park surrounded by grills and restaurants. Solenn, stunning with her shiny fresh flowing hair, is cast as an ordinary diner out to enjoy a quiet meal. Suddenly, a smelly and smoky presence permeates the air, threatening to take Solenn into its grip as it possesses her hair with its bad odors.


Our heroine then rises to the occasion, using a wok and a mop as she gamely engages the enemy in a furious battle to protect herself against her monstrous possessed hair. After a valiant fight, Solenn eventually takes hold of her secret weapon tucked away in her handbag – a bottle of Vitress Hair Freshener. As she quickly sprays the liquid onto her hair, the noxious enemy is tamed as it comes into contact with Vitress Hair Freshener.


“We want to show something different. Solenn’s action film debut beautifully captures how Vitress Hair Freshener can fight bad odors that we’re often exposed to and keep it smelling fresh all day long. Unlike the glamorous hair ads, Vitress Hair Fresher opted for an action film to demonstrate its power in quashing hair odor giving you that instant shine and freshness,” says Pam Sulit, VP for Marketing and Brand Development.


Dryness, dullness, frizz, and split end are the common hair problems that most Filipinas experience in their everyday life. Although the hair industry has developed different formulas to address these, they sometimes forget that the fragrance of our hair matters too. Vitress wants to fight bad odors and has taken on the role to create a spray-on fragrance that makes your hair shiny and leaves your hair smelling fresh all day long.


A lightly scented spray-on product for the hair, Vitress Hair Freshener deodorizes bad smells with its encapsulated InstaFresh technology that releases a fresh, fragrant, and long-lasting scent. It effectively fights the smell that sticks to one’s hair, including the smell of food, cigarette smoke, vehicle emissions, and sweat. Just like Solenn does in the action film, all that one has to do is reach for a bottle of Vitress Hair Freshener to achieve #ShinyFreshHair anytime, anywhere.


“Vitress Hair Freshener is my lifesaver. I have one in every bag. It knocks off awful smells like smoke or sweat especially during tapings when I’m under the sun. It’s a quick fix with long-lasting results,” says Solenn.


Take part in the action and see Solenn knock out the enemy. Check out Vitress’ official Facebook and Youtube pages for real action and to know how your hair can brave any day with Vitress Hair Freshener.


Official link of the film – Fight Bad Smelly Hair with Vitress Hair Freshener




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