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If you’ve tried setting up appointments with salons, spas, or even skin care clinics, you probably know how frustratingly difficult it can get. Phone calls are not picked up, text messages go unanswered, direct messages on social media are seen-zoned but ignored. Thankfully, all that is a thing of the past with the Zoi Lifestyle app.


An online app that lets you book appointments with salons, spas, skincare clinics and the like, Zoi aims to do for the wellness industry what the likes of FoodPanda and Grab have done for the restaurant sector. Through its online booking service, it aims to help businesses in the beauty and wellness industry by providing them with a platform to reach clients, while at the same time allowing them to manage the flow of clients, in keeping with government rules to limit the number of people at a given time. Payments are also done through the app, which makes contactless payment possible. 


For clients, Zoi offers them the conveniences of online booking and cashless transactions, while ensuring they get the services they want. Through the app, you will be notified that your booking has been accepted or rejected. Once accepted, you can visit the salon or clinic on your chosen date and time to have your service. 


With Zoi’s mobile application, anyone can now book appointments with salons, spas, and skincare clinics alike. As of today, Zoi has partnered with Cut by Encarnacion, Danna’s Beauty Salon and Spa, Skinnovate Skin Care, Salon De Laurel, Royal Aesthetics, Lush and Luxe Nail Lounge and Dr. Claudine Ramos Dermatology. 


“Because of the pandemic, many Filipinos, including myself, had no choice but to book appointments to get a haircut, a facial, or other services. However, many establishments in the beauty and wellness industry are not able to respond to customer queries. This is how we conceived Zoi, which has made it far easier and much more convenient for clients to book their haircuts and other beauty and wellness needs, all by using this app,” says Patrick Victoria, Founder of Zoi Lifestyle App


Aside from recognizing the need for self-care amidst this time of uncertainty, Zoi Lifestyle was also developed to help support the beauty and wellness sector in recovering from the losses after nearly a year of the community battling the pandemic. “The beauty and wellness industry took a major hit since the pandemic began in the country. Salons, spas, skin clinics and barber shops were the first establishments mandated to close and the last ones to re-open, leading owners to either forego employees, scale down operations or even shut down permanently,” adds Victoria. 


Through the Zoi Lifestyle App, beauty and wellness providers will have an additional platform to reach clients and increase their digital presence as they slowly return to their normal operations and adapt to impacts of the pandemic. “Our plan is to onboard more partners to enlist their businesses in the app so that people can have access to all their beauty and wellness needs at their fingertips. Currently, we have partners from all over Metro Manila but in the future, we plan to expand to other major cities in the Philippines like Cebu and Davao as well,” says Victoria. 


Indeed, life can be much easier with technology on your side. Support and download Zoi through the Google Playstore.

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